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In the Federal District, Rostov-on-Don begins competition of student works announced by UniCredit Bank...

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JaguarLand Rover announces the launch of new programs and JaguarFinance LandRoverFinance...

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Conference "Financial literacy of young people. Invest in yourself "will be held in Kazan on February 17-18, with the participation of the Institute of Financial Planning...

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To Conference Speaker

Selection criterion and the order of subjects providing.
Deadline for applying – 15th of February, 2006.
  1. The report should be devoted to new standards and approaches towards business and it should possess new research ideas in the frames of the Conference themes.
  2. The report should contain a comparative analysis of the goods and services markets according to one of the Conference themes.
  3. The report should speak about successfully fulfilled (or being in the phase of fulfilling) commercial project which can attract a large number of the Conference participants from the Organizers’ committee point of view.
If you are interested to make a speech at the Conference, please send to the organizers information below not later than on the 1st of March, 2006. In case of confirmation of your speech, this information will be published in the official Conference & Exhibition catalogue:
  • Title and subjects of the speech in English and Russian
  • Information about speaker (in English and Russian) including surname, first name, academic degree, position and company’s name. Please note your contact telephone (fax) and E-mail
  • Description of your company’s activities (50-100 words in English an Russian)
  • Conference application form with the indication of session where you would like to speak
Information for the catalogue should be sent in Microsoft Word format and contain description of the company’s activities (about 150 words) and contacts. Pictures should have image resolution of 300 dpi and be sent in *.tif or *.eps format. Presentations should be sent in PowerPoint or Microsoft Word format. The participants are kindly asked to present information both in Russian and in English as the Conference is an international event.

name (*):
person (*):
Position (*):
number (*):
address (*):
Field of
business (*):
I want to make
a speech in the
next session:

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