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In the Federal District, Rostov-on-Don begins competition of student works announced by UniCredit Bank...

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JaguarLand Rover announces the launch of new programs and JaguarFinance LandRoverFinance...

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Conference "Financial literacy of young people. Invest in yourself "will be held in Kazan on February 17-18, with the participation of the Institute of Financial Planning...

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Feedback from participants in the conference

Feedback from participants in the conference
«Lending to Small and Medium Business»
October 31 - November 01, 2005.

«Very interesting presentations by the representatives of major Russian and foreign banks».
Lyglaeva AA batteries «Almazergienbank» (Yakutsk)

«Problems of SME credit (small and medium business) lit from different sides, the high competence of the conference speakers, the opportunity to discuss the problem of SME lending, with all participants of the conference».
Volokhov MN, KB «SEVERGAZBANK» (Vologda)

«Well-matched system of statements, many participants, which made it possible to communicate and share their experiences, a wide range of materials on the conference (periodicals, pamphlets)».
Paramonova EA, KB «SEVERGAZBANK» (Vologda)

«Exchange of views on the problems of small businesses. Information on banks' lending programs, the language problems of credit, information about the capabilities of the interaction of banks and nonbank organizations ».
Korolchenko IV, JSB «ROSBANK» (Moscow)

«Very informative, given the lack of information on working with SMEs».
Yurtsvayg DV, JSCB «Rus-Bank» (Moscow)

«The presence of subjects reporting government representatives, legislators»
Frost SA, JSC «Siberian Leasing Company» (Kemerovo)

«A wide range of topics for reports».
Voronov, SG, OOO «AVM Sports» (Moscow)

«Expanding views on KMB (small business crediting)».
Kudryavtsev AV, «SKB-Bank» (Ekaterinburg)

«The relevance of the topic itself, the involvement of speakers, working with budgetary and foreign resources».
Kamenskikh AV, «Siberian Oil Bank» (Tyumen)

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