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In the Federal District, Rostov-on-Don begins competition of student works announced by UniCredit Bank...

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JaguarLand Rover announces the launch of new programs and JaguarFinance LandRoverFinance...

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Conference "Financial literacy of young people. Invest in yourself "will be held in Kazan on February 17-18, with the participation of the Institute of Financial Planning...

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JaguarLand Rover announces the launch of new programs and JaguarFinance LandRoverFinance

JaguarLandRoverтПУУЙСЪБРХУЛБЕФОПЧЩЕРТПЗТБННЩ Jaguar Finance and Land Rover Finance . The goal of the program is to provide competitive bids on lending, insurance and leasing. Financial partners are trustworthy company for many years with leading positions in the market: banks VTB 24 and UniCredit Bank, insurance company Ingosstrakh, leasing partners Europlan, CARCADELizing and FB-LEASING.

Now, thanks to the exclusive financial services, car purchase legendary British brand will become more profitable and convenient. A level of service and additional benefits will be nice to meet high customer expectations JaguarLandRover.

program lending Jaguar Finance and Land Rover Finance

JaguarLandRoverRossiya with UniCredit Bank VTB 24 and produced a wide range of credit offers, allowing you to select the scheme that best meet the expectations and opportunities of each client. This attractive rates on loans in rubles and foreign currency, no hidden fees or high commissions linked to the amount of the loan, that programs with low down payment (ranging from 15% of the value of the car). High loan amounts will buy any car from lineup Jaguari LandRover.

JaguarLandRoverRossiya continues to develop the strategic direction of sales of Certified Pre-Owned JaguarSelectedi LandRoverSelected. Partner banks offer customers the same favorable credit conditions, as for new cars. It is an innovative approach to credit cars with mileage, which will be applied in programs JaguarFinancei LandRoverFinance.

The lending program JaguarFinancei LandRoverFinancevklyuchaet a wide range of credit offers:

  • Standard loan program
  • lending program on two documents
  • lending program with the remainder on delivery
  • Special subsidized credit programs, offered exclusively in the Jaguar Finance and Land Rover Finance

Dmitry Kolchanov, CEO of Jaguar Land Rover Russia: "We want to minimize the risk of customers when buying cars on credit, credit to the program is very beneficial, especially important in the current economic situation in the financial market. At the same time, for us, the key aspect in the development of this program is the high level of financial service that is expected of us by our customers and fans of our brands ».

program insurance Jaguar Finance and Land Rover Finance

A unique offering designed for car owners LandRoveri Jaguar, is an attractive financial conditions and a wide range of additional services.

The high level of customer service ensures reliable partner - the insurance company Ingosstrakh.

Clients choose JaguarLandRovermogut convenient for them package of three offered by the company: Business, Prestige and Luxury.

Business Package at the initial level, offering customers a full CASCO insurance with no deductible, and without the experience and age of the driver for the entire range Jaguari LandRoverot 4,32%.

Dmitry Kolchanov: "Insurance services have a special place in the programs Jaguar Finance and LandRoverFinance. Per event is associated with a client with negative emotions, stress, loss of time, and we strive to provide the client with a level and quality of services to best mitigate those factors. JaguarLandRoverRossiya company made every effort to ensure that guarantee a feeling of complete security, confidence and comfort for the customers at minimum cost ».

program lease Jaguar Finance and Land Rover Finance

Leasing - a special financial product that requires careful and individual approach to each client. Leasing program Jaguar Finance and Land Rover Finance also provides flexibility and operational issues for corporate clients JaguarLandRover. The question of economic feasibility for each company is probably the key when purchasing a vehicle, so the number of leasing products, and customers will be offered a program with zero appreciation Partners leasing program Jaguar Finance and Land Rover Finance are Europlan, CARCADELizing and FB-LEASING.

Company JaguarLandRovervo interaction with financial partners also acts with special offers and promotions, allowing customers to get additional benefits.

Car Land Rover Freelander2, Land Rover Discovery4 JaguarXFbudut and operate special favorable conditions of purchase on credit. Freelander2 and Discovery4 - 9,9% per annum in rubles, Jaguar XF-9,5% per annum in rubles. Rates will be subsidized by JaguarLandRoverRossiya.

JaguarLandRoverplaniruet develop further the Jaguar Finance and Land Rover Finance, in order to create the most favorable conditions to customers. In the near future signing of the credit agreement will be made directly to the dealership will be available to special events and specific loan products, special insurance programs - GAP, Life, title insurance, as well as additional benefits for customers in the program.

Dmitry Kolchanov: "In general, we aim to offer our customers the best and the most convenient financial services. Further strategic development of Jaguar Finance and Land Rover Finance will be directed to a new level of financial services to customers, the introduction of know-how, enabling customers to experience our full care of them ».

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