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Results of CREDITEXPO 2006

Dear Visitors!

CREDITEXPO 2006 Organizing Committee and the Department of IFA conferences have the honor to present to you an account of the exhibition CREDITEXPO 2006, held from 21 to 23 April at the Expocentre in Krasnaya Presnya and the International Conference «CREDIT-RUSSIA 2006», held from 21 - 22 April 2006 year to the Congress hall Expocenter in Krasnaya Presnya.

Exhibition CREDITEXPO 2006, co-sponsored by the International Exhibition Agency IFA and the Association of Russian Banks, is one of the leading Russia into the international financial exhibits, designed to attract a wide range of borrowers who are considering the purchase of a loan or buy goods on credit. Participants provided the visitors a wide format, which combines the three inseparable part of the modern credit and financial markets: Banks - Insurance companies - LEASING - CONSUMER SYSTEMS AND NETWORKS.

exhibition was officially supported by the Central Bank of Russian Federation, the State Duma of Russian Federation, Association of Russian Banks, MIBA and the Moscow Association of Entrepreneurs/MAP.

in the exhibition was attended by more than 45 companies from Russia, Turkey, the United States and Austria .

During the three days of work CREDITEXPO its visited more than 6 thousand of individuals and legal persons from 60 cities Russia, as well as from Belarus, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. Most of the exhibitors point out that in 2006, communication at the exhibition has become more professional. As a result, a study conducted by an independent agency of BDP Research Group:

60% visitors are potential bank borrowers
40% CREDITEXPO visited the exhibition for the first time;
83% confirmed that the exhibition met their expectations;
95% are planning to visit the exhibition CREDITEXPO 2007.

Total number of registered visitors is 5300 people.


Physical/Legal person/Specify the scope of your business

natural person 31.3%
Legal entity 27.5%
representative of small business 16.3%
representative of medium-sized businesses 5.8%
Other 20.2%

What sections of the exhibition are you interested in?

Consumer lending 16.0%
Autocrediting 14.7%
Mortgage 8.0%
Crediting Small and Medium Business 8.0%
Insurance 7.7%
Leasing 14.1%
Credit Card 6.9%
Loan Education 3.5%
Other 21.1%

What services represents your company?

Construction and real estate services 44.1%
Trading companies and networks 36.0%
Transportation 29.9%
Enterprise integrated and bars 18.1%
Manufacturers and dealers of motor vehicles 11.3%
agro-industrial complex 8.5%
insurance and other financial services 5.1%
Printing Services 6.1%
Storage Equipment 3.9%
Companies telecommunication 3.5%
Other 11.4%
No Answer 4.4%

Indicate approximate number of employees of your company

1-10 16.9%
11-100 38.3%
101-500 19.6%
501-1000 10.0%
1001-5000 8.7%
Over 5000 6.5%

Describe the purpose of visiting the exhibition

Retrieve information about the market 38.3%
Compare offers 19.6%
familiar with the new services 10.0%
Examine the activity of competitors 8.7%
Other 6.5%


rate the quality of services provided by the organizers

Excellent - 29%
Good - 54%
Satisfactory - 17%

rate comfort exhibition ground

Excellent - 24%
Good - 62%
Satisfactory - 14%

How Exhibition meet your expectations?

Excellent - 20%
Good - 63%
Satisfactory - 16%
Unsatisfactory - 1%

To what extent the quality of the visitors to the exhibition match topics?

Excellent - 32%
Good - 58%
Satisfactory - 10%

whether you have new contacts at the exhibition CREDITEXPO 2006?

Yes - 94%
No - 6%

Exhibitors are: Sberbank of Russia, Vneshtorgbank, Retail services, Gazprombank, Bank of Credit-Moscow, International Moscow Bank, Moscow Bank, Citibank, Rosgosstrakh-Stolitsa, Finansbank, SOGAZ, Moscow Insurance Company, нЙЬМШ - Real Estate, Moscow Mortgage Center, Union Bank, the Company has retail lending, Impexbank Bank Uralsib, Ingosstrakh, companies have agreed, Rosbank, ICICI Bank, Slavinvestbank Center mortgage loan and many others.

the exhibition and the conference was widely covered by media. Most of the exhibitors point out that in 2006, communication at the exhibition has become more professional.

Traditionally, during the exhibition IFA company held a ceremony awarding the participants of the exhibition on 3-m various categories. Appreciated the organizers and visitors of the nomination «BEST BOOTH» was awarded the company «Rosgosstrakh-Capital» , who introduced the guests and participants of the forum is not only unusual formal exposition, but the demonstration of well - and hospitality staff the booth. Also commended the organizers of the exhibition and was awarded posetiley stand ", Vneshtorgbank Retail Services" in the category «most original EXPOSURE» for the original design of the stand and made the most vivid demonstration of the Bank program consumer credit and auto loans, bank cards with an overdraft facility, credit cards with a grace period. Exhibitor "Investsberbank" won the nomination "Best Debut Exhibition" . Investsberbank first time taking part in such events, but has already managed to attract attention. According to the organizers and visitors CREDITEXPO, the concept of participation, provided the bank has become the brightest debut in the professional implementation of image problems in the exhibition.

The Official Opening Ceremony of the exhibition was attended by: Sobolev Anatoly V. , Deputy Director General of ZAO "Expocentre"; Kormosh Yuri I. , Executive Vice-President of the ARB; Leviticus Sergei M. , president of International Exhibition Agency IFA; mayflies Andrey , President of Inter-regional public organization of the Moscow Association of Entrepreneurs ", Pavel Sigal Abramovich , a member of the Presidium of the support leg Russia, President of the Center microfinance, Matveev Alexei A. , Deputy Director General, IFA,

In his speech, Mr. Kormosh YI said: «We appreciate the initiative of holding this exhibition, and we believe that this exhibition - it is an indispensable lever for moving companies in the financial and credit market in Russia, for Russian financial institutions, as well as for Western companies. On behalf of the Association of Russian Banks hope that this exhibition will be an outstanding event in the life of the Moscow business community, will establish long and mutually beneficial contacts a wide range of consumer ».

According to Deputy Director General of JSC «Expocenter» Anatoly Sobolev, with the four national projects of relevance conditions. Monetary component in them is very important.

Levyt Sergey Maksimovich, speaking at the opening ceremony, emphasized: «Today CREDITEXPO demonstrates the current state and future direction of Russia's credit industry, where displays the latest developments and advanced banking technology, new insurance products and programs, offers all the advantages of using leasing and factoring. In the view of the organizers, the objective of the exhibition - to make a market for credit clear and transparent, implemented. "
Sigal Abramovich said: "Small business today is seen as a priority direction of economic development. The aim of the exhibition project CREDITEXPO 2006 is also a development of the credit market for small and medium-sized enterprises. The task of fully meets state aid program for crediting small and medium-sized businesses, recently adopted by the Government of Russia. "

During the exhibition in the Congress Hall at the Expocentre Krasnaya Presnya 21 and 22 April, the international conference «CREDIT-RUSSIA», aimed at professionals of the financial and credit markets and to promote its civilized development and consolidation. The conference obuzhdalis the following topics: banking reform in Russia as a prerequisite for the successful development of the market of banking services, bank of consumer and retail lending, lending to small and medium business, the place of insurance in the credit of individuals and legal entities, the role of the Bureau of Credit Histories in the simplification of procedures for issuing credit and much more.

According to the organizers, the forum was a dialogue: on the one hand - banks, insurance and consulting companies, real estate agencies, on the other - the small and medium-sized enterprises. At the first session of a key report was the statement by the head of the Moscow Department of the support and small business development Michael Vyshegorodtseva. Lending to small businesses through banks - one of the main directions of the Department, emphasized Michael Vyshegorodtsev and talked about the most important projects related to financial support. The participants were particularly interested in the issue out in the region: for the development of cooperative ties, a network business development centers, through which the products will be delivered in Moscow enterprises. It is funding the project with the participation of banks.
Continuing the theme of crediting small and medium-sized businesses in the Conference was devoted to a separate meeting of the session with odnoimennnym subject title. That meeting attracted particular attention from the delegates to the Conference, among whom were leaders of small businesses.

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