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In the Federal District, Rostov-on-Don begins competition of student works announced by UniCredit Bank...

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JaguarLand Rover announces the launch of new programs and JaguarFinance LandRoverFinance...

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Conference "Financial literacy of young people. Invest in yourself "will be held in Kazan on February 17-18, with the participation of the Institute of Financial Planning...

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13/02/2010 In the Federal District, Rostov-on-Don begins competition of student works announced by UniCredit Bank

01/02/2010 JaguarLand Rover announces the launch of new programs and JaguarFinance LandRoverFinance

29/01/2010 Conference "Financial literacy of young people. Invest in yourself "will be held in Kazan on February 17-18, with the participation of the Institute of Financial Planning

27/01/2010 "Expert RA" withdraws ratings from 25 SPF

27/01/2010 Update Pskov bus fleet finance Pskov branch GC "Baltic Leasing"

07/03/2008 Check for installation of the exhibition from 10 to 11 March

05/03/2008 Nemotrya on the world crisis of the popularity of mortgages in Russia is growing

05/03/2008 Sberbank intends to engage in micro-finance small businesses

05/03/2008 Promsvyazbank expands line potrebkreditov

22/02/2008 Sberbank ready to change the credit policy

21/02/2008 Mortgage Program RosEvroBank turns two years

19/02/2008 SlavinvestBank again lowers interest rates for mortgages

13/02/2008 Communications Bank launched credit cards with a grace period of credit

31/01/2008 Portfolio Promsvyazbank loans to small and medium enterprises under the new credit program has exceeded 1.5 billion rubles

28/01/2008 The portfolio of retail credits VTB 24 for 2007 rose more than 3 times to 8.5 billion dollars

28/01/2008 MDM Bank extends to the new mortgage program without commissions

25/01/2008 First Czech-Russian Bank offers its clients a new mortgage

23/01/2008 URALSIB | BANK 121 recognized leader in the field of Private Banking in Russia

16/01/2008 Moscow Bank offers small business a new loan product

16/01/2008 The "Home Loan" accelerates the process of purchasing housing under construction

19/12/2007 International Moscow Bank (IMB) is in the final phase of the program re-branding

19/12/2007 MDM Bank cancels commission

06/12/2007 Anatoly Aksakov: I am optimistic about the future. I think, already after three months, we bid farewell to the liquidity crisis

05/12/2007 Finplan Putin

26/11/2007 AHML priorities for the next 10 years

12/11/2007 The Government of Russia has changed the law on mortgage

07/11/2007 At the meeting of the State Duma Committee on Credit Organizations and Financial Markets was considered a draft Federal Law "On consumer crediting"

25/10/2007 Rosbank cast a force in the retail lending

24/10/2007 Moscow Credit Bank is not looking for a minimum period of mortgage client

24/10/2007 Rosbank develops the concept of financial supermarket

04/10/2007 Bill on potrebkreditovanii will be submitted to the State Duma of Russia next week

30/08/2007 BANK URALSIB led top retail banks

30/08/2007 Bank VTB 24 will reduce rates on mortgage loans

08/08/2007 Rosgosstrakh demonstrated steady growth in the first half of 2007

08/08/2007 Bank of Moscow has increased the maximum term of mortgage to 30 years

19/04/2007 Results of CREDITEXPO 2007

27/03/2007 Published Conference CREDIT-RUSSIA 2007

27/03/2007 Provisional list of participants in the Conference

23/03/2007 The company "MIEL - Real Estate has signed an agreement with Bank VTB-24" and "MDM-Bank", allowing clients to obtain mortgage loans on favorable terms

19/03/2007 Shipbuilding bank offers a new online service - Mortgage Calculator

16/03/2007 Ongoing registration of delegates at the April conference of the Moscow CREDIT-RUSSIA 2007 in Expocentre on Krasnaya Presnya!

16/03/2007 Alpha Bank proposed a program of refinancing mortgages

16/03/2007 Banque Societe Generale Vostok imposes new conditions on loans for education and MBA

20/02/2007 Absolut Bank cancels all commissions for mortgages

20/02/2007 The new terms of mortgage SlavinvestBanka

01/02/2007 Russia Defense Ministry buys an apartment on the first mortgage

01/02/2007 In Moscow has begun work new Center mortgage VTB 24 "At Myasnitskaya"

25/01/2007 Alfa Bank opened 2 new mortgage center

24/01/2007 In Moscow, a center of mortgage lending "Uniastrum Bank

19/01/2007 Every fifth loan, Moscow International Bank - Mortgage

17/01/2007 Bank Gubernsky "has started issuing credit cards with a grace period of credit

12/01/2007 The "KIT Finance" provided the 5800 mortgage

27/12/2006 "Uniastrum Bank lowers interest rates for credit

20/12/2006 The Government will seek to reduce mortgage rates to 7%

20/12/2006 Winter decline in mortgage rates in the bank DeltaCredit

20/12/2006 International Moscow Bank signed a cooperation agreement with DaimlerChrysler Financial Services Russia in the field of car

14/12/2006 ZAO "Raiffeisenbank Austria": interest rate - from 9% per annum

06/12/2006 In Russia, a center exchange mortgages

01/12/2006 Promsvyazbank announced the implementation of the new credit program "Express-car"

30/11/2006 Alfa Bank has reduced the initial payment on mortgage

28/11/2006 The bank «Russian standard» offers mortgage

28/11/2006 In 2007, VTB 24 will offer customers new mortgage products

01/11/2006 A unique proposal for a conference sponsored by the Credit-Russia 2007!

31/10/2006 Continues to receive applications for participation in CREDITEXPO 2007

02/10/2006 Absolut Bank offers a new car «All Inclusive»

29/09/2006 Impexbank reduced by 3% rate on the program "People's Credit

18/09/2006 Bank "Globex" has begun to implement its own mortgage program

15/09/2006 Bank of Moscow has reduced interest rates on retail loans

12/09/2006 FOREIGHN TRADE 24 launched a special program Autocrediting "Vneshtorgbank 24 - MUSA MOTORS - BORIS Hoof"

07/09/2006 Probusinessbank launched its own mortgage program

25/08/2006 VTB 24 has imposed special conditions of the mortgage loan for the purchase of apartments in PIK Group

23/08/2006 International Moscow Bank launched a regional program car with delayed maturity

26/07/2006 Gazenergoprombank will issue mortgage loans for housing during the construction phase

20/07/2006 Simplified procedure for obtaining a mortgage loan in the Bank "UralSib"

22/06/2006 Moscow Credit Bank began its mortgage lending in the primary housing market

22/06/2006 TransCreditBank increased the maximum term of the mortgage loan up to 25 years

14/06/2006 Promsvyazbank increased the term of the mortgage loan up to 20 years

17/05/2006 City Mortgage Bank »announces the opening of offices in three cities and start a new ruble mortgage programs

27/04/2006 Dates of CREDITEXPO 2007

14/04/2006 IFC will work with «Sobinbank» in the field of mortgage

12/04/2006 Internet publication GAZETA.RU provides information support to international financial exhibition "CREDITEXPO" and passing through the exhibition International Practical Conference "CREDIT-RUSSIA 2006

04/04/2006 International Moscow Bank offers a 0% auto

29/03/2006 Rosbank - the leader in auto loans in Russia

27/03/2006 Gazenergoprombank offers auto without down payment

23/03/2006 Metrobank starts issuing credits under the program "Fast Money" on the cards Visa Electron Instant Issue

23/03/2006 Probusinessbank increases the period of loan

22/03/2006 MDM Bank announced a lowering of interest rates on mortgages

22/03/2006 Moscow Credit Bank began lending to private individuals for the purchase of trucks

17/03/2006 UNION BANK launched a service for buying checks American Express

15/03/2006 IMPEXBANK changed the conditions of the mortgage loan

13/03/2006 "Russian Standard" offers cash loan for any purpose

09/03/2006 Sobinbank brought to market new programs express car

06/03/2006 Bank «URALSIB» offers new mortgage program

06/03/2006 KMB-Bank in 2006. begins to absorb the consumer credit sector

01/03/2006 Moscow Credit Bank has developed a program of mortgage lending «Hypothec without commissions»

22/02/2006 Bank «Agropromkredit» began offering mortgages for up to 27 years with an initial contribution of 10% of the value of real estate

21/02/2006 Free Installment FOR LEGAL PERSONS AND PRIVATE BUSINESSMEN FROM «U.S. retail lending»

15/02/2006 «Raiffeisenbank Austria» start issuing credit cards with a grace period

13/02/2006 Sberbank of Russia lowers interest rates on housing loans

13/02/2006 VTB 24 has begun with the issuance of automobile loans without down payment

10/02/2006 The action in Absolut Bank: free mortgages

10/02/2006 Slavinvestbank introduces a new line of mortgage products and reduced the minimum lending rate to 13%

09/02/2006 Bank of Moscow has introduced new terms of car

02/02/2006 Housing Finance Bank has changed the terms of mortgage programs

01/02/2006 UNION BANK introduced new conditions for mortgage lending program

01/02/2006 New product Probusinessbank - education loan

31/01/2006 RosEvroBank runs its own mortgage lending

27/01/2006 Updated Conference Program CREDIT-RUSSIA 2006

25/01/2006 BINBANK runs a program of mortgage lending

23/01/2006 Bank «Electronics» launches a program of mortgage lending

23/01/2006 KIT Finance has begun to cooperate with real estate agencies 23.01.2006 12:23[Ipocredit]

23/01/2006 The bank "Russian Standard" has introduced a new service «Electronic Billing»

18/01/2006 Bank "Revival" is actively developing a mortgage

17/01/2006 Moscow Bank for Reconstruction and Development reduces the size of the initial fee of up to 10% of the cost of buying an apartment

17/01/2006 International Moscow Bank cut interest rates on mortgage loans in rubles up to 14% per annum

16/01/2006 Absolut Bank has reduced rates on mortgages

16/01/2006 Updated Conference Program CREDIT-RUSSIA 2006

11/01/2006 KIT Finance has issued more than 5 800 mortgages

30/12/2005 Sobinbank Express offers loans for new foreign cars and domestic cars for 1 hour

29/12/2005 Bank «Agropromkredit» proposes a new car without a down payment and statement of earnings

15/12/2005 From December 2005 to the Bank "Revival" offers an opportunity to obtain a mortgage loan of up to 100% of the cost of purchased housing

14/12/2005 Promsvyazbank announced the launch of a new program of consumer credit - Credit for 30 minutes "

14/12/2005 Insurance company "Rosno will insure mortgages on real estate transactions Vneshtorgbanka24

12/12/2005 Investsberbank million credit report on

07/12/2005 Composition of the exhibitors to date

06/12/2005 Vneshtorgbank 24, introduced a new express car "Avtoekspress 50"

05/12/2005 Sberbank of Russia - the leader in mortgage lending

02/12/2005 Audience portal Banki.ru more than 10 thousand people

02/12/2005 CB AGROPROMKREDIT "began with the issuance of express loans for emergency needs

02/12/2005 Bank of Moscow to start the Express-car "

28/11/2005 "The Seventh Continent" plans to create its own retail bank

22/11/2005 Alfa-Bank extends loans to Kaliningrad

18/11/2005 Absolut Bank reduces rates on mortgage loans

17/11/2005 ROSBANK in November intended to proceed with the issuance of mortgage loans in St. Petersburg, Krasnodar, Ekaterinburg and Voronezh

17/11/2005 Sberbank of Russia accepted as a full member of EGSB

17/11/2005 24 FOREIGHN TRADE cut interest rates on auto

16/11/2005 Bank "Zenit" softens the terms of mortgage

10/11/2005 KIT Finance Bank has begun to implement its own mortgage program

09/11/2005 «Renaissance Capital Consumer lending» and created a joint venture IKANO IKANO Finance Russia

27/10/2005 Absolut Bank offers mortgage loans on the security of existing housing

25/10/2005 Bank «Petrocommerce» offers mortgage loans

24/10/2005 "Raiffeisenbank Austria" and "Stroymontage" began implementing a joint mortgage program in St. Petersburg

24/10/2005 International Moscow Bank proposed to take advantage of consumer credit in rubles at 18% per annum

10/10/2005 The Bank will allocate $ 50 million to support the mortgage in Russia

06/10/2005 Moscow Bank for Reconstruction and Development to proceed with the issuance of mortgage loans

30/09/2005 Rosbank since 2006 will begin to take an active mortgage lending population

28/09/2005 Russian Mortgage Bank increased the amount of mortgage loans from 150 thousand to 250 thousand dollars

22/09/2005 Center housing credit agency of the real estate "Adveks" introduced a new mortgage program

15/09/2005 VTB 24 has improved the conditions for granting mortgage loans

15/09/2005 The state will assume half the repayment of interest on the loan for a mortgage

14/09/2005 «Avtobank-NIKoil» offers new mortgage program

09/09/2005 A. Zhukov: mortgage rates drop to 7%

09/09/2005 Alfa-Bank in early 2006 to begin mortgage lending

04/08/2005 METROBANK runs a unique program in runet consumer credit "Quick money through Internet

29/07/2005 TransCreditBank offers a new car

27/07/2005 Most mortgage banks in the I half of 2005

26/07/2005 Finansbank increased the amount of credit to the immediate needs of up to 1 million rubles

11/07/2005 Bank Petrocommerce "launched the" Auto "

11/07/2005 Home Credit & Finance Bank has increased its market share in commercial lending

04/07/2005 Russia's President Vladimir Putin met with President of Alfa Bank Peter Aven

01/07/2005 Bank of Moscow holds the action "Credit to all the 100"

30/06/2005 M. Fradkov: Mortgages should become an engine of the Russian economy

28/06/2005 Promsvyazbank has embarked on a new car program

28/06/2005 The website of Bank of Moscow started working mortgage calculator

17/06/2005 DeltaCredit will issue mortgage loans for a period of 25 years

15/06/2005 Sobinbank presents two programs of mortgage lending

15/06/2005 Raiffeisen Bank has introduced new terms of atokreditov no down payment

15/06/2005 Mezhprombank Plus

31/03/2005 Announcement of the exhibition "CreditEXPO.Business 2005 - CREDITING OF SMALL AND MEDIUM BUSINESSES

29/03/2005 Answers to questions on the organization of the exhibition

28/03/2005 Methods of verification of income potential borrower's mortgage

25/03/2005 How to obtain full information from the bank for a loan


23/03/2005 LIST OF exhibitors and conference participants to date

22/03/2005 BCC moves to a new location!

22/03/2005 Mortgage Brokers from Russia

22/03/2005 55 regions of Russia came to conveying the issuance of mortgage loans

10/03/2005 Alexander Koval gave an interview to Nezavisimaya Gazeta

10/03/2005 The head of the Association of Russian banks was in favor of lower interest rates on bank loans

05/03/2005 Russian Mortgage Bank has begun a full-scale program of mortgage lending

28/02/2005 Banks have issued 13.884 billion rubles. mortgage loans

25/02/2005 Exhibitors to date

16/02/2005 Ipoteka horosha - vybipay to vkuc

10/02/2005 Note: The exhibition is being held at a new venue - 3 Hall 2 nd Pavilion

03/02/2005 In Russia there are free credit

01/02/2005 "Uniastrum Bank imposes new conditions on the credit card VISA U-Family, and VISA U-Olympic

31/01/2005 Loans on plastic cards in Russia will be cheaper

28/01/2005 In 2004, banks with foreign participation have increased their presence in the market of consumer lending

20/01/2005 Renewed programme of the International Practical Conference Consumer Crediting in Russia

20/01/2005 The updated program of the International Conference «Consumer lending in Russia»

18/01/2005 Today, the Association of Russian Banks held a press conference

18/01/2005 Financial Center "NOVA" entered service mortgage consulting - the choice and the full support of the mortgage loan in Moscow

17/01/2005 DeltaCredit Bank offers: Mortgage on-line

15/01/2005 HCFB improved conditions for the granting of mortgage loans

15/01/2005 HCFB improved conditions for the granting of mortgage loans

24/12/2004 Mortgage lending should be more, says Putin

23/12/2004 The system of insurance of banks taken another 37 banks

22/12/2004 The State Duma adopted the law on credit histories

22/12/2004 «Ingosstrakh» in Moscow to open its own medical center

20/12/2004 Finmarket About CreditEXPO 2005

17/12/2004 Russian banks are rated in terms of customer

17/12/2004 International Moscow Bank begins to issue loans to individuals in rubles for the purchase of flats in the secondary real estate market in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Moscow and Leningrad regions

17/12/2004 Rating assessment of financial stability and solvency of commercial banks

17/12/2004 The list of banks included in the deposit insurance

14/12/2004 On the Russian market of plastic credit bank came with the Czech capital

14/12/2004 Yuri Luzhkov welcomed the "housing" laws, but not in part of mortgage

14/12/2004 Putin and Gref discussed the mortgage lending

14/12/2004 Non-car ownership of population

09/12/2004 For mortgage lending to Russia is a "hot line"

07/12/2004 Bank Absolut Bank opened a credit line of $ 10 million U.S. dollars

06/12/2004 Simplification of the mortgage - is not far off

03/12/2004 Renewed programme of the International Practical Conference Consumer Crediting in Russia

01/12/2004 The updated program of the International Conference «Consumer lending in Russia»

26/11/2004 Which bank offers the best mortgage?

25/11/2004 Rating the most reliable insurance companies an estimated RA "Expert"

25/11/2004 The most profitable banks in Russia 01.10.04 (Kommercant.Ru)

19/11/2004 Bank "UNION" has a new program of lending for consumer purposes for individuals with a positive credit history

17/11/2004 International Moscow Bank, and real estate agency «Tower» began to work together on a program of mortgage lending to individuals

10/11/2004 Bank mortgage lending program

05/11/2004 Absolut Bank has increased the terms of mortgage crediting up to 15 years

04/11/2004 European Bank of Reconstruction and Development has increased the volume of guarantee to Absolut Bank up to 20 Million US Dollars

04/11/2004 Absolut Bank increased the term loan for mortgages to 15 years

03/11/2004 Bank of Moscow is beginning an ambitious program to issue credit cards

01/11/2004 rating agency Fitch Ratings podterdilo Absolut Bank Ratings

01/11/2004 Absolut Bank has implemented a deal to raise financing in the amount of 8.6 million Euro for 5 years under the guarantee of the German export credit agency Euler Hermes

29/10/2004 Buyers elites are increasingly interested in mortgage

29/10/2004 Mortgage lending. Housing loans. Mortgage

27/10/2004 Banks back the confidence of investors

27/10/2004 The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development has increased the amount of guarantees Absolut Bank up to 20 million U.S. dollars

21/10/2004 International Moscow Bank opens branch in Chelyabinsk

21/10/2004 Cinditsirovanny credit of 40 million U.S. dollars provided by the Federal State Unitary Enterprise «GKNPTS them. Khrunichev »

18/10/2004 Newspaper «Vedomosti», and Absolut Bank hold conference «Imports of goods and equipment. Optimizing financing », which held on 29 October 2004, at the hotel «Baltschug Kempinski». Draft devoted to reviewing current practices of traditional and modern tools finance imports. If you are interested in listening to experts in the field of trade financing, leasing, legal, client-importers - please contact me. Best regards, Galina Istratova, tel. (095) 935-5001

14/10/2004 Petersburg "Menatep SPb" was renamed to the National bank "Trust"

13/10/2004 Potrebkreditovanie more popular in Russia

13/10/2004 Absolut Bank has launched the program of development of the network of offices in Podmoskovie (Moscow Region)

13/10/2004 CJSC "International Moscow Bank began to target lending to individuals on bail in a property

11/10/2004 Absolut Bank has embarked on a program of developing a network of offices in Moscow

11/10/2004 Mezhdunarodny Moskovsky Bank (International Moscow Bank) offers a unique program of crediting of the purchase of the new automobile Mitsubishi Colt.

11/10/2004 AKB Promsvyazbank offers new deposit account Strategist to the private persons.

07/10/2004 International Moscow Bank offers a unique program of lending to buy a new car Mitsubishi Colt

01/10/2004 Strategy development for retail business of KB Integral

01/10/2004 JSCB Promsvyazbank (JSC) offers a new fixed deposit "strategy."

29/09/2004 The Bank Menatep SPb offers new service to its clients

29/09/2004 Molodezhny Bank: new package of bank services of BSGV for young people

29/09/2004 The program of crediting TeleCHEQUE of the Russian Bank of Development

28/09/2004 Conditions of loan for buying cars

28/09/2004 Bank «Menatep SPb» offers its customers use the new service «Express credit» for the purchase of travel tickets

27/09/2004 Telecheck Loan Program of Russian Development Bank

27/09/2004 Youth Bank: A new package of banking services for young people BSGV

23/09/2004 Delta and the company «WORLD» conducting a joint program to provide instant credit to credit-card bonus VISA «WORLD-" Delta "in the chain stores of home appliances and electronics« WORLD »

21/09/2004 Experian and Interfax create a credit bureau in Russia

21/09/2004 Moscow Credit Bank expands network of partner program Avtoekspress-credit "

21/09/2004 DeltaCredit Bank announced the launch of a new unique loan product for Russia

21/09/2004 Targeted lending for mortgages - new service of the International Moscow Bank

20/09/2004 International Industrial Bank reduces interest rates for credit and increases the period of loan

17/09/2004 Rosgosstrakh recognized leader of insurance market in Russia

16/09/2004 Every eighth metropolitan middle class is taking a bank loan

15/09/2004 Banque Societe Generale Vostok offers a new car

15/09/2004 ROSNO announces the launch of the company «Alliance ROSNO Life»

14/09/2004 Plastic Card International Moscow Bank free of charge to anyone who would take a bank loan or deposit

14/09/2004 International Moscow Bank, and the company «MIEL-Real Estate» began to work together on a program of mortgage lending to individuals

09/09/2004 DeltaCredit Bank announced the launch of unique new products to the Russian market of mortgage lending

08/09/2004 Exhibitor - Sberbank of Russia called the "Bank" Year of Russia "

08/09/2004 New banks for private customers

07/09/2004 Absolut Bank hinders the interest rates on mortgages

06/09/2004 International Moscow Bank in St. Petersburg organized the «hot» line car

06/09/2004 PSA on the verge of change

06/09/2004 International Moscow Bank has installed ATMs in the business center «Senator» in Saint Petersburg

06/09/2004 Auto-free offer International Moscow Bank and «independence»

06/09/2004 The outcome of the participation of the International Moscow Bank MOTOR SHOW 2004

01/09/2004 Banks - Most consumer lending in the first half of 2004 (Source: NAUFOR)

27/08/2004 Exhibitors - International Moscow Bank awarded «Awarded for high quality calculations»

25/08/2004 Exhibitor - Absolut Bank announces the registration of the Common Fund Banking Office

20/08/2004 Exhibitor CreditEXPO 2005 - International Moscow Bank will participate in the 8th Moscow International Automobile Show - Motor Show 2004

20/08/2004 Exhibitor - International Moscow Bank reiterated the three leading credit rating Bankir.ru

20/08/2004 Exhibitor - International Moscow Bank offers loans for new car brands «Ford» by 4.9% per annum

11/01/2000 KIT Finance has issued more than 5 800 mortgages

11/01/2000 KIT Finance has issued more than 5 800 mortgages

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