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In the Federal District, Rostov-on-Don begins competition of student works announced by UniCredit Bank...

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JaguarLand Rover announces the launch of new programs and JaguarFinance LandRoverFinance...

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Conference "Financial literacy of young people. Invest in yourself "will be held in Kazan on February 17-18, with the participation of the Institute of Financial Planning...

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MIFF - Moscow International Financial Forum


International Exhibition Agency IFA introduces to your attention the 1st Moscow International Credit and finance consumer exhibition CreditEXPO 2005. The exhibition will be held from 15 to 17th, April, 2005 in Moscow at the ExpoCenter at Krasnaya Presnya.
The exhibition CreditEXPO 2005 is the first exhibition event in Russia where the whole spectrum of financial services will be presented to potential consumers. The uniqueness of the exhibition is based on its new format which contains 3 indissoluble parts of the modern consumer market: BANKS INSURANCE COMPANIES CONSUMER SYSTEMS AND NETS LEASING SERVICES/CONSULTING FIRMS. The visitors of the exhibition, who are your potential loaners, will be easily guided in the manifold of banking, insurance and net services by means of exact structure and informative side of the exposition.

The aim of this event is to consolidate the consumer finance and crediting services market, research with adequate conditions for development and protection against unfair players.

CreditEXPO 2005 - is realization of your credit potential!


According to the Bank of Russia, the crediting market for consumers has grown 2.1 times during the last year. In year 2003, over 300 millions of credits were given out. Property mortgages, auto crediting, consumer crediting for buying goods and other services are developing up-tempo. The all around the world slogan Life in Credit is becoming a trend in Russia. Every paid-off credit is just a cause for taking a new one. Russia is coming closer to the civilized world: consumer crediting is one of the fastest growing segments of the financial market. The efficiency from the exhibition will be outstanding for that company which will prepare a competent crediting policy demonstrating its closeness to the client with a concrete directivity on peoples needs. Leaving your stand the visitor should answer a very easy question: Will you recommend this company to your friends?

CreditEXPO 2005 - is realization of your credit potential!


Nowadays is the time when the players of the financing and crediting market are trying to find out which forms and ways of crediting will be mainly demanded in 2005-2008. Boom in the market of consumers crediting caused fast growth of competition: new credit programs are announced regularly. These days foreign banks show big interest to the financial market in Russia: their experience in drawing up credits, pay-off conditions, way of calculation and the size of the rate can vitally influence clients choice, which is more and more orienting on high-quality and safe service.

CreditEXPO 2005 - is realization of your credit potential!

  1. Radical enlargement of retail client database in Moscow and other regions.
  2. Carrying out a full-scale presentation of your product.
  3. Provision and setting direct contacts with potential clients.
  4. Defining your company strategy for the year 2006 due to clarifying forms and ways of crediting, insurance products and top-priority needs in consumers demands.
  5. Your product positioning in a competitive environment
  6. Image creation and maintenance among the right audience
CreditEXPO 2005 - is realization of your credit potential!

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